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About Us

About Air ClinicS

Each of us, when he goes to get medical examinations and checks on himself, goes to a clinic or hospital, and then goes to the radiology center to get the required x-rays, but imagine if all these services were in one place.

A comprehensive medical center with all medical specialties and all x-ray, ultrasound, medical and nursing tests are available

Air Clinic Departments

First: Clinics: A group of specialized consultants in all clinics (internity – general surgery – heart – physical therapy – and other specialties)

Secondly, the rays: Ordinary x-rays – CT – resonance – sonar under the supervision of a group of specialized technicians to perform the necessary examinations

Third, the analysis: All types of medical tests are under the supervision of a specialized nurse from the ICU to take the sample only once without repetition Fourth,

nursing: Air Clinic provides highly efficient nursing from ICU (cannula insertion – replacement for wounds and diabetic foot – home care for the elderly – catheter insertion)

  • home care services
  • medical consulting
  • Labs
  • home nursing
  • Home visits from doctors
  • Physical therapy

A healthy life is in a healthy heart

The more you keep your heart healthy, the more you can enjoy your life. In order to be assured of the safety of your heart, you must do tests that reassure you, including the echo test, which is the use of ultrasound waves (ULTRASOUND) to study the shape and size of the heart and know whether the heart is doing its job perfectly or not. Air Clinic provides the best specialists from cardiologists, and there is also an echo examination to check the condition of the heart We have all medical specialties